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Diane and JohnWelcome to the blog of John and Diane Baggett.  These postings are devoted to our shared mission of helping people recover from painful life events, and to encourage spiritual growth in ourselves and others that we might be instruments for the increase of the  love of God and of compassion for all of God’s children.

We hope you will click on the posts and comments listed on the right and find in their words moments of grace and growth for your journey.

We also invite you to visit our websites at www.johnfbaggett.com and www.griefcounselingfl.com John’s site is devoted to his writings.  Diane’s is about her work as a grief counselor and contains information helpful to those who have experienceda life changing loss.

Here is a link to John’s recent interview on KRVR “The River.”


2 Responses to About John and Diane Baggett’s Blog

  1. If you have lost a loved one, gone through a recent divorce, or experienced some other difficult life changing loss, you may wonder if you will ever again be free of the emotional pain which has followed. I have been there, and it may be difficult to believe right now, but you can know serenity and joy in your life once more. But you might need some help to get there. Sometimes, when we try to go it alone, we get stuck in our grief. That is why I became a counselor. It is my role to help hurting people like you negotiate the journey of grief safely and successfully.

    It is a mistake to believe grief can be avoided if we have enough strength of character, or enough faith. When we suffer a loss, whether we are among the strong or the weak, whether our faith is small or great, it is natural for us to experience grief. It is not a sign of weakness, but a manifestation of our humanity.

    While grief is a natural process, it is often a treacherous journey. There are important decisions and much work to do along the way. The grief counseling experience is about the willingness to learn, to change, and to grow in the midst of life’s difficulties, and about finding emotional recovery from the devastating impact of troubles and tragedies.

    Grief counseling can help you face the reality of your loss and begin the healing process. It can help you move through and beyond your pain. It can provide practical guidance for your new challenges. It can assist you with the recovery and redefinition of your life meaning and purpose. And grief counseling will provide you with an experienced coach to help you successfully meet your goal

  2. Evelyn Miracle says:

    Glad to hear about your blog. It is such a great way to connect with people who need your ministry.